The Importance of a Credit Report

Your credit report in combination with your credit score is as important as the air you breathe. Without it, you won’t stand a chance or survive in the United States. To most of the country, you are just a number in conjunction with a credit history. It does not matter whether you are good person, … Continue reading “The Importance of a Credit Report”

Your credit report in combination with your credit score is as important as the air you breathe. Without it, you won’t stand a chance or survive in the United States. To most of the country, you are just a number in conjunction with a credit history. It does not matter whether you are good person, volunteer, lie or cheat. It only matters how responsible you are with your personal finances.

The simplest way to find out about your credit history is to order a copy online. You want a website that provides you with information from the three major credit bureaus;Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. These bureaus analyze your financial decision making; both past and present, and put that information into a report. A good website to use that provides this information is It only costs $1 to check and can provide you with invaluable information compiled into a credit report. Your report will not only provide your current credit score, but also your entire credit history.

A credit report acts as your credit references. A positive credit history tells potential lenders that you manage your finances well, i.e. borrow money and pay it back in a timely manner. A negative credit history tells lenders you have a difficult time managing your finances and instead are in debt, often not repaying them as agreed.

Credit reports help you by providing you with your personal financial history. This may include attempts at fraud made by others at your expense or errors made by varying lenders. The report can also provide you with information on good or bad decisions you may have made in the past. By staying up-to-date with your financial history, you can ensure you are making good choices, have the ability to detect if someone is committing identity theft and ensure there are no errors.

In addition, a credit report can explain why you were not approved for a certain loan or line of credit. Even though you had a great or excellent credit score, you still had a negative item or charge back on your credit report, so the financial lender refused to approve you.

You can also see how fast your credit score can be transformed. If you go ahead and start repairing your credit, you can watch how fast negative items can be removed and how fast you will gain points putting your score from bad or below 600 to above 700.

If you are not happy with your current FICO score and/or credit history or find there are errors in the report, you can contact a credit repair company. The credit repair company can boost your credit score, remove negative items and/or dispute errors on your behalf.

Solve Your Quest of the Goods and Bads of Merchant Services

Every business has its share of strong points as well as low points. While some entrepreneurs are quite familiar with both aspects, some are still battling between the pros and cons. If you are also struggling from this situation, read on to unveil everything related to merchant services. With the clear picture in front, you can easily plan whether these services can benefit your business or not. Starting with the good points, there’s a lot to gain.

Check out some of the most popular features, which can help your business expand globally in minimum time.

1. Merchant services are all about accepting credit cards. As more & more customers love paying through cards, an incredible boost is seen in the sales.

2. Accepting card payment is easy and takes a few seconds. Hence, the payment game gets done instantly.

3. Higher order amounts makes accepting cards a lot cheaper.

4. Cash comes with risk factors; hence, security is needed. Moreover, if the payment is huge, troubles are natural and customers might pay less than the actual cost.

5. Merchant services increases the payment options for the customers, which eventually convince them to buy products and services of the business.

Moving on to the unfavourable side, there are a few factors to be careful about. Some of them are explained below:

1. Internet fraud is possible in these services. Don’t worry, as it happens in rarest of the rare condition.

2. Business owners have to adhere to the principles of the credit card company.

Credit card companies are smart and very particular about their services. While dealing with high-risk business, they are aware that as compared to other businesses, this particular is risky. Before associating with them, they cross-check everything to make sure that payment processing account is legally established. In case of any doubt or suspected foul play, they reject the partnership. So which companies are listed as high-risk? Are you one among them? Take a look at the below given category and get the answer:

1. Business involved in unclear or doubtful work.
2. Business with tricky ways of sales.
3. Process card-not present transactions.
4. Deal with transacting high average dollar amount.
5. Trade services to international countries.

If your business revolves around any of these points, you fall in the high-risk zone.

Keeping updated with the latest market trends is the first step towards profits. Though there are some cons but they are very rare and nothing as compared to the pros. Think carefully, decide wisely and take the final call. In case of any doubt, consult the service providers and have a conversation.

Paycron has been recognized for leveraging top-notch merchant services for customers. Different payment solutions are provided ensuring that the business, whatever the size, remains well connected.

The 5 C’s of Business Credit

The 5 C’s of business credit are:

1. Character
2. Capital
3. Capacity
4. Collateral
5. Conditions

Character is all about you. It’s about your personal history, your stability, and how reliable you are. This variable is more subjective than the others, and is one of several reasons it is beneficial to do business with a bank where you have built relationships with the people who work there. In determining your character, the lender may look at your education, your work history, your personal income, and personal credit history.

Again, it’s important to remember that this is one area of business credit where relationships do matter!

Capital is about how much you have invested in your business. Whether you are seeking a bank loan or a loan from a private investor, the lender will want to see that you are heavily invested in your own business. Generally speaking, the more of your personal money that you’ve invested in your business, the better it will look to a potential lender. (After all, if you’re not confident enough to invest in your business, why should they be?)

Capacity is about your ability to repay a loan according to the terms. Things like cash flow, payment history, and the assets and resources of any person providing a personal guarantee will play a part in determining your capacity to pay back a loan. Collateral is something offered up as security for a loan. Anything from equipment to inventory to a home you own can be considered collateral. It may be easier to get approved for loans with collateral, and many loans will require it. In some cases, the more that you can offer as collateral, the more likely you will be to get approved.

“Conditions” may mean any number of things, some of which could be out of your control. The current economy, for instance, may play a role in your ability to get approved for a loan. Other things that they may look at include your industry and its economical status, and the purpose of the loan.

If your industry is suffering and businesses in your industry are struggling, it could negatively affect your ability to get approved. Some loan purposes are more readily approved than others, too. Loans for riskier purposes such as new and unproven expansions are generally less likely to be approved.